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Commercial & Residential Drain Cleaning

Let us unclog your drains

HEPCO offers a variety of drain cleaning services for commercial and residential applications. If you've got clogged drains, call us for quick, reliable service. We'll dispatch one of our trained technicians, who will provide you with a diagnosis of the problem and an estimate for repairs.

Drain Snaking

Common causes of blocked drains are trapped food, hair, soap, garbage, root, paper towel or other solid debris that gets stuck and build up in your drains. Your pipes may be partially or fully clogged reducing your drain’s effectiveness, completely stopping the water flow or causing wastewater backup into your home, office or place of business. If you are looking for fast and reliable service to unclog your drains in New York City, call HEPCO. We will clear the blockage and restore your normal drain flow.

Water Jetting

Cable machines are ineffective in combating softer blockages such as sludge, soap, and grease that are typical in restaurants and other commercial establishments.

This is where water jet cutting becomes applicable. A concentrated stream of water under varying degrees of high pressure is sent through your pipes. Even the toughest blockages are unable to withstand these high pressure water streams.

Cut down on your business' down-time!

Many commercial clients benefit from having a water jetting maintenance schedule. Some clients benefit from more cleanings per-year than others. Ask us about having one of our trained technicians design a maintenance schedule that’s just right for you and your business.